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CV Resume for Stuart Phillips Dance

Stuart Phillips  


Location: eugene oregon us & victoria bc canada


Freelance Dance Improvisation Teacher Worldwide, US, Canada, New Zealand, Europe, 1981 - Present

Dance Improvisation Performer / Producer Worldwide, 1981 - Present 

Healer (Physical/Emotional) / Therapist / Counselor, 1987 - Present

Baker/Cook/Chef, 1984 - 2004

Client Advocate at Group Homes & programs for emotionally challenged youth & adults / Social Work for after school programs, 1984 - 1988

Therapist / Counselor Intervention Programs for youth & adults, 1983 - 1985

Dance Instructor Ballroom & Social to youth, 1978 - 1980



Bates College BA Psychology / Dance, '84

Downeast School of Massage, LMT, '87

Neuromuscular Massage Training, St. John Method, '89 - '91

Vywamus Foundation, Intuitional, Psychic & Emotional/Energetic Tuning & Release Training, '90 - '97


I long for connection and think your classes foster that in such a unique and attractive way. 4 days of Stu dance .. wow explosive.


your workshop was one of the best experiences i have ever had in my entire life.........
i have studied with several fully awakened gurus, ones that can actually trasmit god energy and one doesnt even need to understand what they are even saying......
but i Want to understand what one is saying...... i want something i can take home with me to chew on and learn from. Your simple words, infused with the guidance of whatever arises, stuck. they illuminated the same truth that mooji and other gurus of greatness point to..... yet, they were possible for me to understand..... possible for me to take home and contemplate and integrate into my life..... i Want that connection and practice, awakening and understanding more than anything else!

emmy joy

so..... this you should know. your gift.... this workshop. You. is a gift.

I like the raw emotionality in your classes, the brutality of how you open people. Nothing like that anywhere. It's the most valuable, to me...I like you for learning and for facing hell. 

Your teaching is so deeply applicable to life as it is. Remembering things from class that are directly serving. Receiving self amidst whatever dance other does, it's wonderful. My emotions and me are right here.


Stu sets such a powerful intention and container for people to become more fully and lovingly themselves! Highly recommended


Was reminded while teaching of how vital your teaching is, of how much I have grown from being your student. Grateful. Few real teachers, you are one


The session was akin to receiving a psychic chiropractic session


You have a rare gift


I love how you teach. Very impactful and meaningful. Really changed the course of my life and how I exist


Stu, Thank you for the session yesterday. I don't think I have ever been able to expand into that particular territory before. Thank you for holding such strong and real space so it could happen. I loved when you said "don't heal yourself" and "don't be a goddess," I just exploded with the laughter of recognition inside me. I didn't get what I thought I wanted but I did get what I needed. I am learning it is ok to express me. I didn't really know that so much before. Thank you.

Inside me it is expanding and being allowed to be not awesome as well as being allowed to be awesome. It is expanding at all ranges and being very average. Thank you so very and deeply much. Last night was especially hard, and especially good. Filled with utter disgust at times, just wanted to almost throw up, happy to get to dance there and not just in the fetishized "joy" that I feel is such an ideology in many circles. Thank you for not only permitting "joy." It means the world.

Kristen Lewis

Innovative & Technical, I feel liberated.  Kees Lemmens

"I was having conflict for years w/1 friend, during stu's class we were guided to dance w/each other for an extended period of time after which we've had no problems at all facing each other, the problems were completely gone"  Julia Sewitt

"After his work I've gained the calmest confidence in intimate and social relationships, though we were simply moving. IMPORTANT WORK!"  Margarita Kozhevnikova

“I found the Emotional Release and Therapeutic Movement Workshop facilitated by Stu Phillips to be deeply healing, in a way unlike anything I had ever experienced before. I feel like Stu is truly intuitive, a very gentle and genuine therapist. I feel like experiencing emotional nudity and raw expression in a safe container - the sort of dynamic which was fostered within the workshop - is hugely medicinal. I am eternally grateful for the connections I made with my fellow workshop-goers. I feel like this experience was so nourishing - a week abundant with many shades of radical beauty.”-Laura Alter


"It was fantastic.  Stu is a one-of-a-kind teacher and very considerate human.  His teaching helps create a foundation for my own satisfying exploration more than any other movement teachings i've encountered.  I feel like it is super valuable for humans in today's world.

I highly HIGHLY recommend taking a class with Stu if you haven't before.  His approach to improvisation has been deeply nourishing for me in a way no other teacher's approach has-- and it just keeps getting more satisfying the more I dance with him.  Something about his gentle guidance makes room for me to Unravel-- in a deeply life-affirming, empowering, and liberating way."

Stu is the only teacher i want to study with.



Life changing learning to be more authentic



I cannot recommend any teacher more highly than Stu. He gently guides you into your own depths, your own truth, your most authentic self, easing out of you the realest of dances you will have ever danced, and the most satisfying of connections you will have ever experienced. Dance becomes a metaphor for the greater scope of your life; as you shift on the dance floor, notice the shift in the vastness of your life.



Class has so much inner essence



By far my best dance ever



His Contact Improv Class is like being in a dance class with a therapist.. And it's the most gentle, supportive and real therapy you can imagine! If ANYTHING is ailing you mentally or emotionally, take Stuart's class! (and/or go get an individual session)You will save A LOT of time and money on conventional therapy.


Your guidance/voice was extremely continuously brought me back from my own inner battle with feeling insecure and seeking authenticity.


He's such a masterful guide in cultivating mindfulness, balance & freedom IN MOTION & RELATIONSHIP. He welcomes & works skillfully with all edges & levels of contact & dance experience. If you want more ease with being authentic & IN TOUCH with self, other & community; Stu is a wonderful facilitator of that!

maureen freehill

"Stu has the most unusual and beautiful solo paractice that makes his style unique from the rest.  When I first saw him among the churning, orbiting dancers, I named him vertical man, because his dancing seemed relatively still and generally on his feet.  I learned how to integrate with his style and loved how it made me move.  I asked him if there was anything in particular he wanted to perform, and he said, Let's do what we do, but don't forget the emotional honesty.  Performing with Stu was one of the highlights of the festival because I danced unlike I normally do, felt charged, responsive, available and heard by him.  It was exhilarating.  Particularly suspenseful for me, was one pause that seemed to last forever."

Sue Lauther

Best guided experience I've ever had.

Caryn Love

thank you !

i keep a luminous memory of this day;. (even in the black box !)


this day was a present for me.

very bright, clear focus

anne dolorès


"I felt the words inside my body, like a mantra"


thankou, Felt very safe to be myself and express myself in that class. That is why i like it actually, i feel 100% safe.. like even if i'm pissed off it could be expressed in a way that we could even sometimes end up laughing about. Rare find in a class.


"class is frequently hard for me but i always come out feeling reset, better, my favorite teacher"



I love what flows through you

christina weinhold


Drawing from the Emotional Pool to Motivate Movement

Deep Experiental Metaphors for life transformation

Never guide your energy, let your energy guide you

Bypasses ego conflict

Creates mental space without disconnecting

Minimum facilitation with maximum effect, neutral, clean, phlegmatic delivery

Guided meditation through movement

Forging internal connections through dance

Rearrange Personality so Truth becomes more Dominant

Psychological Approach to CI

Referential contacts available upon request:  




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